"Normally, Arnie’s first instinct would be to change course in order to either outrun or skirt the certain maelstrom ahead. But this time was different. The last few months of raiding the merchant routes between the desert cities of Khar had been extremely profitable. Many a fat, juicy hulk of a trading barge had been boarded and ransacked, and the few times a more formidable vessel took the Salty Maid under chase, Arnie’s crew nimbly maneuvered their ship well out of range and out of danger. Finally, loaded to the waterline with gold and booty, the Salty Maid had set a course towards the Pirate City of Meh’ Kettal. It was on this last voyage that Arnie and his crew ran across what would be their greatest treasure (and greatest undoing) yet."
~ excerpt from 'A Pirate's Tale' by Kydorias Windsong

The exact origins of The Shipwrecked Pirates are not overly clear. Be it because of a code of secrecy or long years at sea filled with battle and grog, who is to know. Some of the taller tales have even spoke of them being belched forth from the ocean itself. Sent forth by Davey Jones to take the world by storm.

What is known is that the first confirmed report of their existence was when they were found washed upon the shores of Mourning in the Shadowbane realm. Further adventures took the crew into the lands of Archimonde of the Warcraft World. It was here that TSP let the world know that "/spit be a pirate sign o' respect". [PC Gamer Article: July 2005 Issue 150]

More recent adventures have seen The Shipwrecked Pirates hold court with King Conan, trade fire with overweight Russians accompanied by German doctors, and curse repeatedly anything the minions of Sony dare build.

As to where TSP will sail next? Only the sea truly knows. After all, whenever the Salty Maid crests the waves, adventure lies just over the horizon.

Cap'n Arnie flies a black flag with a white anchor. He does this as a reminder to his crew of the trials they faced after the loss of the Salty Maid and the shame that overwhelms a pirate who becomes shipwrecked. It continues to be worn by the crew to reinforce their resolve to not let the Salty Maid ever fall again lest they all go down with her.

Games in which the TSP flag has been flown: Shadowbane, DAoC, World of Warcraft, L2, Guild Wars, Gunbound, CS:S, Travian, DDO, Vanguard, Team Fortress 2, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online
"Respect da code o' the sea, drive da lubbers into da brine, pillage and PLUNDAAAARRRRR!"
~ Captain Arnie, in rallying his crew.

Formed: June 30, 2003
Origins: Various/Unknown
Leader: Cap'n Arnie
Flag: White Anchor
Crew Afflictions: Scurvy, Partial Psychosis, Chronic Alcoholism and (in the Cap'ns case) Jungle Fever
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