Beta Testing Service:
The Shipwrecked Pirates (TSP) are a guild with the resources and dedication required to properly test the modern generation of MMO games. Rather than simply tap long time forum followers and rabid fans, incorporate solid MMO veterans to get your game where it needs to be come release day.

TSP is built around the player versus player (PvP) interactions that occur in online gaming. This interest extends from genres such as FPS (Team Fortress 2) to RTS (World in Conflict) but largely centres around the MMO scope. This range allows for a diverse level of experiences across our players and assists in critically evaluating your product.

It is a requirement of all TSP members that they are both mature and possess a strong sense of sportsmanship. This is shown not only through our play but through our interaction with the gaming community. These traits lend themselves well to the testing of PvP systems. TSP doesnt play to win at any costs. TSP plays to win within the confines of the arena. TSP wants to test your game to ensure that the playing field is not only level, but fun.

Beta Service Practices and Expectations:
When TSP is approached with an offer to test a MMO product we guarantee that for every tester that we agree to provide, you will get exactly that. Our testers will make it their goal to lead your testing period in quality of feedback as well as exceed the average hours of service your other testers provide. All issues encountered will be reported via your bug tracking/feedback system.
During the testing period TSP will provide you with a periodic report with a more detailed analysis of some of the more complex issues such as gameplay and PvP balance. This report can be provided in quarterly or monthly increments.

Focus of Beta Service Deliverables:

Duplication of currency/resources/items
Exploitation of game mechanics for unintended gains
Examination of skill balance within the PvP environment

Contact Information:
If you are interested in using TSP to test your product or would like more information about our service you can reach us via email: A mailing address and phone number can be provided upon request.

"Respect da code o' the sea, drive da lubbers into da brine, pillage and PLUNDAAAARRRRR!"
~ Captain Arnie, in rallying his crew.

TSP is a pvp-focused online gaming guild committed to exceeding every goal any game presents, while consistently demonstrating expert knowledge of game mechanics, dedicated membership, superior PvP capabilities, unequaled sportsmanship and our infectious style.
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